List of Accredited Certificate Providers

Working with an established Accredited Certificate Provider is appropriate for smaller energy savings projects

List of Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs)

A list of all Accredited Certificate Providers (both current and cancelled) is available for download below.  This Excel file also includes certificate creation history for each project and the calculation methods used.

Accredited Certificate Providers and certificates318.5KB Excel SpreadsheetDownload a list of all Accredited Certificate Providers and energy savings certificates created. Also includes energy savings projects that have been suspended.

Working with an Accredited Certificate Provider

Becoming accredited under the Energy Savings Scheme may not benefit smaller projects with modest energy savings. Accreditation comes with obligations such as record keeping requirements that can make direct participation difficult for smaller energy savings projects.

Smaller projects can be included in the Energy Savings Scheme by participating as a third party and by working with an established Accredited Certificate Provider.

How to work with an Accredited Certificate Provider

An established Accredited Certificate Provider takes the energy savings from a number of activities and combines them to create energy savings certificates. You will be asked to sign a nomination form to transfer your project’s energy savings to them and they will create the energy savings certificates.

This type of Accredited Certificate Provider is sometimes called an 'aggregator' because they combine energy savings projects.

Contact an established Accredited Certificate Provider

If you think that your energy savings project does not warrant applying for accreditation, consider working with an established Accredited Certificate Provider.

The list below contains providers who have nominated themselves as 'aggregators', willing to work with you to help bring your energy savings into the scheme.

Table:  Contact details of established Accredited Certificate Providers that aggregate energy savings projects

Company name  Contact name  Contact number  Website 
AAACP Pty Ltd Eric McCall 1300 100 050
ADS Pty Ltd (trading as ADS Solar) Swapnil Shah 0450 073 632
AGL Energy

Marcus Johnston

(02) 9921 2111

Autonomous Energy     Mark Gadd  (02) 9907 2466
CSR Building Products Ltd Andrew Rowe 0419 476 319

CTY Envirotech Pty Ltd  Dr Thean Chew  (02) 9651 5798 
Demand Manager Vincent Willems van Beveren

(02) 9279 4704 

Eco Ease Benn Hart 0414 605 898

Mahsa Sistani

(02) 8090 5623 
Energy Conservation     Rob Richardson         (02) 9660 9997

Energy Makeovers        

Mark Wilson     0437 252 830

Glo Light Pty Ltd (Lighting Partners Australia)   Christian Mildner  (03) 8416 1500    
Greenmoola Denis Day       (02) 9981 6034
Green Connection Group Pty Ltd Ben Roberts 1300 786 482 
Green Energy Trading   

Energy Efficiency Team

(03) 9805 0700

The Green Guys Group  Ben Henderson or Danny Finnerty  1300 511 875 
Haron Robson Energy Pty Ltd  Alan Richardson (02) 7903 4567 
Ironbark Group Pty Ltd         Ross McKirdy 1300 288 262
Knowledge Global  Ross Sharman  (02) 8216 0993 
LED Bright Light Australasia Pty Ltd t/as grant2you     Eric Assadourian (02) 8811 1605    
National Carbon Bank of Australia  Jo Hoatson 

(02) 9939 5559 

Out Performers Pty Ltd  Andrew Williamson (02) 8094 1742 
Ozzy Fortune  Dannis Arora  (02) 9430 6727 
Summit LED Energy Australia Pty Ltd trading as EO Lighting  Peter Guest     (02) 9653 9909 
The Sigma Global Company Pty Ltd 

Schalk Meliëzer 

(02) 8005 1278 
Trade In Green Pty Ltd Craig Bathie 1300 894 799
Wattly Pty Ltd Hamish McGovern 1300 878 500