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Accredited certificate providers can create energy savings certificates from the use of certain emerging lighting technologies, such as LEDs and induction luminaires, under the Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Formula in the Energy Savings Scheme Rule of 2009 (ESS Rule). However, the Scheme Administrator must first accept that such products meet equipment requirements in the ESS Rule.

The Scheme Administrator accepts that the products listed on this page meet the applicable equipment requirements. Inclusion of a product in the list does not:

  • indicate that the Scheme Administrator endorses the product;
  • indicate that the product meets any quality, performance or safety standards beyond those specified in the ESS Rule; or
  • relate in any way to product warranties.

 The Scheme Administrator will not be held liable for a listed product’s failure to meet any product quality, performance or safety claim that the product’s manufacturer or supplier makes.

For a list of previously accepted products for which acceptance has been withdrawn, please refer to the ELTs – Acceptance Withdrawn or Amended list.

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No.CategoryBrandModel #Driver BrandDriver Model #Value AcceptedRegistered DateReference No
1.LED Luminaires - High/Low Bay (series)EYE LIGHTING183515230.2613/01/201701848S16-3GGJHJC
2.LED Luminaires - High/Low Bay (series)EYE LIGHTING183525296.4313/01/201701848S16-3GGJHJC
3.LED Luminaires - High/Low Bay (series)Eye Lighting183360149.5413/01/201701848S16-PT03
4.LED Luminaires - High/Low Bay (series)Eye Lighting183370192.2713/01/201701848S16-PT03