The Energy Savings Scheme is changing to improve the way we provide incentives for energy saving activities

Two new ESS Rules were released on 30 May 2014.

Some changes are effective immediately.

More information is provided here.

How can I be involved?

Choose the option that best describes you.

What is included in the scheme?

There are many ways to reduce electricity.

See what others are doing

Featured case study:

  • Fitness First logo

    Knowledge Global - Fitness First Efficiency Verification Program

    Fitness First have over 40 health clubs in NSW, all of which are very energy intensive due to the large lighting, HVAC, hot water and equipment loads. As such, electricity consumption represents a large operating cost and rising energy prices can significantly affect profitability.

    Fitness First embarked on a series of efficiency and behavioural programs in 37 gyms in NSW. Knowledge Global was engaged to maximise and verify the energy efficiencies using its sustainability reporting tool called EMMA.