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This page describes how the Energy Savings Scheme can help to reduce energy bills by installing energy efficient equipment in your home

How the scheme works for householders

The Energy Savings Scheme provides incentives for accredited businesses (known as Accredited Certificate Providers) to implement their energy savings project. Accredited Certificate Providers may be able to assist householders to:

  • acquire up-to-date energy efficient appliances
  • remove inefficient appliances, or  
  • install a range of energy efficiency upgrades.

Please note that there are currently no service providers accredited to install energy efficiency upgrades in residential premises as part of the ESS.  

In the future, Accredited Certificate Providers may offer equipment or products to householders at a reduced cost.   A list of Accredited Certificate Providers, and the activities for which they are accredited, is available on the List of Accredited Certificate Providers page of the ESS website.

If an Accredited Certificate Provider or their representative offers to replace existing equipment in your home, you should:

1. Check the person’s credentials

  • They should have clear photo identification and information about their proposed activities and the Accredited Certificate Provider they work for.

2. Discuss the equipment they wish to install and confirm it will meet your needs

  • Consider any differences in the service characteristics of the equipment.

3. Understand any commitments you are being asked to make

  • This may include keeping the equipment operational and not reverting to your previous type of equipment.

4. Complete the necessary paperwork

  • You will be asked to ‘nominate’ the Accredited Certificate Provider as the Energy Saver. This transfers rights to the energy savings to the accredited company, so they can create Energy Savings Certificates.

To find out more, you can read the customer service section of IPART’s Minimum Requirements for Installer Conduct.

Minimum requirements for conduct of 3rd parties261.47KB PDF FileThis Notice updates the previous Fact Sheet titled “Minimum Requirements for Installer Conduct (Default Savings Factors)”. The scope has been broadened to apply to anyone operating in the ESS who uses third parties in order to claim energy savings and thereby create Energy Savings Certificates. Compliance with these minimum requirements is part of the Conditions of Accreditation applied to every ACP’s accreditation.

If you have any concerns about people offering you services, or believe they have not acted fairly, you may wish to contact the ACCC or Fair Trading NSW.