For householders

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This page describes how the Energy Savings Scheme can help to reduce energy bills by installing energy efficient equipment in your home

How the scheme works for householders

The Energy Savings Scheme provides incentives for accredited businesses (known as Accredited Certificate Providers) to implement certain energy savings activities. Accredited Certificate Providers may be able to assist eligible householders and small businesses to:

Accredited Certificate Providers may offer equipment or products at a reduced cost.   A list of Accredited Certificate Providers, and the activities for which they are accredited, is available on the List of Accredited Certificate Providers page of the ESS website.  Answers to some common questions can also be found here.

More information on Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits can be found in the fact sheet.

HEER Fact Sheet67.89KB PDF FileV1.1 May 2017
This fact sheet provides information for householders and small businesses about the Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits method.

If you have any concerns about people offering you services, or believe they have not acted fairly, you may wish to contact NSW Fair Trading.

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage also provides more information on how you can save energy in your home on their website.