How to apply for accreditation

This page describes what is involved in becoming an Accredited Certificate Provider to create energy savings certificates

What are Accredited Certificate Providers?

Accredited Certificate Providers are voluntary participants in the Energy Savings Scheme. Accredited Certificate Providers create energy savings certificates for subsequent purchase by Liable Entities

To become an Accredited Certificate Provider you need to apply to the Scheme Administrator (IPART). Your application for accreditation must be for a particular energy savings project, and must demonstrate that your activity meets the requirements of the Energy Savings Scheme as an eligible project.

The application process

There are six steps to become an Accredited Certificate Provider:

  1. Prepare your application with relevant supporting information
  2. Submit your application to IPART
  3. IPART reviews your application to make sure all required elements have been submitted
  4. If complete, IPART requests payment of the $500 application fee (if required)
  5. IPART assesses the application and may request further information to make sure all requirements have been met
  6. IPART informs you of the outcome typically within 3 months of the application being accepted as complete.

Read the application guide to know what is involved, then click through to find out how to apply for each calculation method.

Application Guide V1.0 July 2014396.61KB PDF FileV1.0 July 2014
The Application Guide assists you to complete Application Form: Part A.

Find out more about how to apply

Preparing to apply

Before applying to become an Accredited Certificate Provider you should: