Documents published by the Energy Savings Scheme

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  1. Evidence Pack: Commercial Lighting

    xlsm 129.22KB, Last updated 24/07/2014

    Version 1.1 July 2014.
    The Evidence Pack is used to record information about each activity. A completed pack should be retained for audit purposes, along with its relevant supporting information.

  2. Guide to Completing the Annual Energy Savings Statement 2013

    pdf 299.69KB, Last updated 23/12/2013

    This guide provides direction for the completion of the 2013 Compliance Year Annual Energy Savings Statement. The guide also includes a template for a Nil statement and an application for audit exemption.

  3. Submission to the proposed ESS Rule change consultation - 11 December 2013

    pdf 600.95KB, Last updated 23/12/2013

    IPART's letter and submission to the proposed ESS Rule change consultation - 11 December 2013

  4. Annual Energy Savings Statement 2013

    xls 243KB, Last updated 09/12/2013

    This Excel spreadsheet is the Annual Energy Savings Statement to be completed by Liable Entities to fulfil obligations under Part 8 of the Electricity Supply Act 1995. This file should be used for the calculation of liabilities for the 2013 calendar year.

  5. Scheme Newsletter - December 2013

    pdf 160.6KB, Last updated 02/12/2013

    Our quarterly newsletter aims to keep scheme participants, stakeholders and interested observers up to date with new developments.

  6. Application Guide - Commercial Lighting

    pdf 581.72KB, Last updated 30/08/2013

    This guide provides information on how to apply to become an Accredited Certificate Provider using the Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Formula under the Deemed Energy Savings Method.

  7. Commercial Lighting - Document Pack Proposal

    pdf 410.18KB, Last updated 21/08/2013

    This paper provides details of proposed changes to record keeping arrangements for commercial lighting activities.

  8. Module 4 - PIAM & MBM

    pdf 118.98KB, Last updated 20/08/2013

  9. Beletich report - Commercial lighting

    pdf 735.84KB, Last updated 25/03/2013

    Beletich Associates were commissioned to examine a wide range of Commercial Lighting related issues.

  10. Issues paper - Commercial lighting

    pdf 753.51KB, Last updated 25/03/2013

    IPART has prepared an Issues Paper in response to the Beletich Report on Commercial Lighting.