Documents published by the Energy Savings Scheme

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  1. Method Guide: Commercial Lighting

    pdf 840.47KB, Last updated 06/08/2014

    V3.1 December 2015.
    The Method Guide provides the information required to conduct activities using this method of the ESS Rule.

  2. Evidence Manual: Commercial Lighting

    pdf 1.09MB, Last updated 06/08/2014

    V2.1 December 2015.
    The Evidence Manual details the information required to support ESC creation. This version was published following stakeholder consultation in September 2015.

  3. Evidence Pack: Commercial Lighting

    xlsm 170.52KB, Last updated 24/07/2014

    V2.1 December 2015.
    The Evidence Pack is used to record information about each activity. This version was published following stakeholder consultation in September 2015.

  4. Required documentation for emerging lighting technologies

    pdf 103.96KB, Last updated 28/09/2011

    Detailed documentation required for emerging lighting technologies including specifications, lamp circuit power, output voltage, electrical safety and electro magnetic compatibility. Version 7 - 15 January 2014

  5. Guide to Commercial Lighting Tool

    pdf 298.03KB, Last updated 27/09/2010

    This guide has been developed to show you how to use the Commercial Lighting Tools

  6. Commercial Lighting Calculation Tool DA v2.5

    xls 989KB, Last updated 17/09/2010

    For lighting upgrades, implemented prior to 1 July 2014, occurring as part of projects requiring Developmental Approval.

  7. ESS Notice 01/2013(V2-0) amended July 2014

    pdf 261.47KB, Last updated 02/06/2015

    This Notice updates the previous Fact Sheet titled “Minimum Requirements for Installer Conduct (Default Savings Factors)”. The scope has been broadened to apply to anyone operating in the ESS who uses third parties in order to claim energy savings and thereby create Energy Savings Certificates. Compliance with these minimum requirements is part of the Conditions of Accreditation applied to every ACP’s accreditation.

  8. ESS (Amendment No.1) Rule 2014

    pdf 626.38KB, Last updated 19/06/2015

    The Energy Savings Scheme (Amendment No. 1) Rule 2014 amended the Energy Savings Scheme Rule 2009. It commenced 1 June 2014.

  9. Application for Amendment of Accreditation Conditions

    docx 280.25KB, Last updated 26/11/2015

    The Application for Amendment of Accreditation Conditions Form must be submitted to request a change to Accreditation Conditions.

  10. Building Lighting Information Sheet V1.0

    pdf 210.59KB, Last updated 23/12/2015

    V1.0 August 2015
    Consultation draft