Documents published by the Energy Savings Scheme

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  1. ESS Notice 01/2013(V2-0) amended July 2014

    pdf 261.47KB, Last updated 02/06/2015

    This Notice updates the previous Fact Sheet titled “Minimum Requirements for Installer Conduct (Default Savings Factors)”. The scope has been broadened to apply to anyone operating in the ESS who uses third parties in order to claim energy savings and thereby create Energy Savings Certificates. Compliance with these minimum requirements is part of the Conditions of Accreditation applied to every ACP’s accreditation.

  2. Application for Amendment of Accreditation Conditions

    docx 280.25KB, Last updated 26/11/2015

    The Application for Amendment of Accreditation Conditions Form must be submitted to request a change to Accreditation Conditions.

  3. Evidence Manual: Sale of New Appliances

    pdf 500.91KB, Last updated 11/12/2015

    V2.2 December 2015
    The Evidence Manual details the information required to support ESC creation.

  4. Application Guide v1.3 August 2016

    pdf 276.25KB, Last updated 03/08/2016

    V1.3 August 2016
    The Application Guide assists you to complete Application Form: Part A.

  5. Application Form: Part A V1.3 August 2016

    docx 312.69KB, Last updated 04/08/2016

    V1.3 August 2016
    This Application Form: Part A is used to make an application for accreditation to provide general details. It must be accompanied by Application Form: Part B.