Documents published by the Energy Savings Scheme

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  1. Audit Scope: Audit of Accreditation Conditions

    doc 274.5KB, Last updated 14/01/2010

    This document describes the nature and scope of the services to be provided by the nominated auditor in relation to Audit of Accreditation Conditions.

  2. Audit Services Panel Agreement

    pdf 407.63KB, Last updated 12/01/2010

    To be signed by successful applicants to the Audit Services Panel. This is the contract between IPART and the ESS Audit Panel member.

  3. Application form for appointment to the ESS Audit Services Panel

    doc 350.5KB, Last updated 20/11/2009

    This form is for completion by persons or organisations wishing to be appointed as an approved auditor on the Audit Services Panel.

  4. Deed Poll v1.1

    docx 28.3KB, Last updated 01/07/2009

    The Deed Poll (v1.1, 10 September 2013) clarifies IPART’s rights and responsibilities in the agreement to engage the auditor and is to be signed by the auditee. Minor updates have been made to reflect changes to the Electricity Supply (General) Regulation. This document must be submitted with the Audit Scope.

  5. ESS Portal Auditor User Guide v1

    pdf 914.68KB, Last updated 25/03/2015

    This document provides auditors with guidance on how to use the ESS portal to conduct audits, manage user accounts and update the contact details for their organisation.