You may apply at any time to be accredited as an ACP and may withdraw an application at any time. Please see the instructions below on how to send us your application and what it needs to include.

Applications must be made in electronic format via:

  • Email, or
  • USB to Energy Savings Scheme, IPART, PO Box K35, Haymarket Post Shop NSW 1240 together with email notification advising of submission.

Our email system accepts emails of up to 40 MB. If your application documents are too large to send through email, let us know and we will provide you with access to SIGBOX. We do not accept applications via Google documents, Dropbox or similar online applications.

If you have problems submitting your application or need access to SIGBOX for document submission, please contact us for assistance.

You must provide with your application:

  • Supporting documentation as set out in the application forms.

You may also provide any information that you consider relevant in support of your application.

All your documents must be easily accessible, not password protected and provided in commonly used file formats, such as Word, Excel, Adobe, JPEG, etc.