The application process

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There are six steps to become an Accredited Certificate Provider:

1. Prepare Prepare your application (Application Form: Part A and Application Form: Part B) with relevant supporting information.
2. Submit Submit your application to IPART.
3. Initial Review IPART reviews your application to make sure all required elements have been submitted.
4. Payment If application documentation is complete, IPART requests payment of the application fee. Application is accepted as complete if documentation is considered complete and when the fee is received.
5. Full Assessment IPART assigns the application to an analyst for processing and assessment. IPART may request further information to make sure all requirements have been met.
6. Outcome IPART informs you of the outcome typically within 3 months of the application being accepted as complete. If accredited, risk-based audit and reporting requirements will be included in your accreditation notice. You will be required to pay any audit costs.