Before you apply

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It is important to ensure your company has adequate financial resources, a sound business model and proper procedures in place before applying to become an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP). There are significant information requirements and administrative costs to consider before your company begins the application process.

Consider whether you would like to become an Accredited Certificate Provider, or whether working with an existing Accredited Certificate Provider may be more suitable (for example if your activity is a small or one-off project). More information about working with ACPs is available in Householders and Businesses.

Before applying to become an Accredited Certificate Provider you should:

  • check that the activity you are applying for is an eligible activity
  • make sure you understand the calculation method you will use for your project and the requirements for that calculation method (see the relevant Method Guide for further information)
  • understand all of the obligations of operating as an Accredited Certificate Provider, and
  • make sure you have read and understand the general requirements as outlined in the relevant guidance documents.

Your application must relate to a specific energy savings project (Recognised Energy Savings Activity).

You will not be able to create energy savings certificates from activities you perform before you are accredited for those activities. Refer to Excluded activities.

Your application must be complete in every respect and satisfactorily address all the requirements outlined in the relevant application documents.