Record keeping obligations

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Accredited Certificate Providers are obligated to keep records of their accredited energy savings activity for at least 6 years after energy savings certificate (ESC) creation.

The specific records kept by each Accredited Certificate Provider depend on the energy savings activity, but must include the:

  • Location in which the energy savings activity occurred
  • Energy savings (calculated in accordance with the ESS Rule) arising from that activity
  • Methodology, data and assumptions used to calculate those energy savings.

You must ensure that you have record keeping arrangements that will:

  • Facilitate the collection of the required records
  • Allow accurate records to be provided to the Scheme Administrator or to an auditor at any time
  • Retain the records for at least 6 years after ESC creation.

To fulfil the requirements, Accredited Certificate Providers should provide:

  • A document register that lists the records that must be collected and retained to support their ESC creation
  • Processes and/or procedures for keeping records including step-by-step details of how records will be obtained, processed, maintained and controlled and the identity and the position(s) of the person(s) responsible for each of these steps in a process/procedure document
  • Quality assurance controls to ensure records are accurate.

Relevant Documentation

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