Accreditation conditions and amendments

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Once accredited, applicants are issued an Accreditation Notice that sets out the conditions imposed on the accreditation, including:

  • The method used to calculate ESCs
  • Reporting and auditing requirements
  • The number of certificates able to be created
  • Any special accreditation conditions.

Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) should carefully review their Accreditation Notice as it contains a number of important mandatory requirements.

Amending conditions of an accreditation

The Scheme Administrator may consider amending accreditation conditions for a number of reasons, including (but not limited) to: requests by an ACP to amend the accreditation, responding to risks arising in the Scheme, or removing redundant conditions.

If you would like to request an amendment to your accreditation conditions, you must apply by following the online application process in the ESS Portal. Click on the ‘Apply for Amendment’ link from your ESS Portal dashboard.  Only the primary contact is able to submit an application for amendment.

IPART, as Scheme Administrator, will consider the request and any supporting information you provide.  In your application, you must:

  • Clearly state the requested amendment
  • Provide reasons for the request
  • Provide any information and supporting documentation relevant to the application.

Refer to the Compliance Guide - ACPs, referenced below, for further information, including the minimum required documentation that must be provided. 

Please note that when considering amendment requests, the Scheme Administrator may also make consequential administrative changes to an Accreditation.

Apply to transfer accreditation

ACPs may apply to transfer their accreditation to a related body corporate (as defined in section 50 of the Corporations Act 2001).  The Scheme Administrator may only approve the transfer of accreditation if satisfied the transferee is (or will be) eligible for accreditation and will fulfil the obligations that the ACP is required to fulfil in respect of the relevant recognised energy saving activity.

To apply to transfer an accreditation, you need to complete and lodge the form below, along with any required supporting documents. IPART will issue you with an invoice requesting payment of the $500 transfer of accreditation fee for each accreditation you wish to transfer.  An application is accepted as complete once all required documentation has been submitted and payment of the fee is confirmed. 

Applications can be lodged by an existing ACP through the ESS Portal

Relevant Documentation

 Compliance Guide - ACPs
 Application Form - ACPs - Transfer of Accreditation