Householders and businesses

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ACPs may work with householders and businesses to undertake energy saving projects. When you apply to become an ACP your application must state whether you are the original energy saver or a nominated energy saver. 

The original energy saver is the person responsible for the payment for energy consumed. This person may choose to transfer their rights to create energy savings certificates to a nominated energy saver. This permission must be given in writing on an approved form.

Nominated energy savers

Nominating an energy saver is typical in:

  • Residential settings where it is not viable for the householder to be accredited to create energy savings certificates
  • Commercial and industrial settings where an ACP or an energy service company is contracted to create energy savings certificates on behalf of the original energy saver.

The nominated energy saver is responsible for all energy savings certificate creation and so must:

  • Ensure the energy savings project is properly implemented
  • Keep records of their actions and satisfy the record keeping requirements of the legislation
  • Fulfil the requirements of the Act, Regulation and the ESS Rule governing the Energy Savings Scheme to the satisfaction of IPART as Scheme Administrator.

Nomination form template

The Energy Savings Scheme Rule of 2009 allows an original energy saver to nominate an Accredited Certificate Provider as the energy saver in relation to the implementation of a recognised energy saving activity at a particular site. Such a nomination must be in the form and manner approved by the Scheme Administrator.

The Scheme Administrator has published two templates for the nomination forms:

  • One to be used when the original energy saver is an individual
  • One when it is a corporation or business.

The nomination forms can be applied to any energy savings calculation method and are listed below.

Please note: ACPs are able to adjust the format of their nomination form to suit their own business processes; however the wording must not be changed without approval from IPART.

Relevant Documentation

Nomination Form Template - Corporations and Businesses
Nomination Form Template - Individuals