Reporting and auditing


To establish and monitor compliance and ongoing performance of Accredited Certificate Providers both reporting and auditing are used


Each time an application to register certificates is made, a summary of that implementation is provided to IPART. In general, no further reporting is required.

However, all Accredited Certificate Providers are responsible for complying with their conditions of their accreditation.

The timing and specific reporting requirements are listed in Item 3 of the conditions of accreditation.

IPART, as Scheme Administrator, may from time to time impose extra reporting requirements on Accredited Certificate Providers.


When we accredit an Accredited Certificate Provider to carry out an eligible energy savings projects, audit requirements are imposed as part of the conditions of accreditation. The audits may be required for one or more of the following purposes:

  • to establish compliance with the requirements of the Act, Regulation and Rules governing creation of energy savings certificates
  • to confirm the level of compliance with conditions of accreditation.

The audit requirements of each energy savings project are based on risk assessments that have regard to the nature of the project and the value of energy savings certificates to be created annually.  The Compliance and Performance Monitoring Strategy explains how IPART determines the audit regime. An Audit Guideline contains information about audit procedures.

If imposed as part of accreditation conditions, Accredited Certificate Providers are required to engage approved auditors to audit their energy savings project. Accredited Certificate Providers are responsible for the costs of audit, and must cooperate with the auditor as required. 

After an Accredited Certificate Provider nominates an auditor, the auditor determines audit procedures tailored to their business, taking into account the size and nature of operation. The auditor submits an audit scope to the Scheme Administrator for approval, detailing the nature and scope of the audit.

List of auditors

Audits under the Energy Savings Scheme must be performed by a member of the Audit Services Panel.