Audit Scopes

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Audit Scopes

Before conducting any audit services, auditors must submit a Detailed Scope of Works (DSW) to IPART. This should detail the nature and scope of the auditing approach, as decided by the auditor.

Audit Scopes - Scheme Participants

For Scheme Participants, go to the Auditing Annual Energy Savings Statements page for more information about audits (including the specific Audit Scope for these audits).

Audit Scope - Accredited Certificate Providers

Audit Scopes of Accredited Certificate Providers (ACP's) for audits of energy saving certificate (ESC) creation, or proposed ESC creation detail the nature and scope of the services that are required to be provided by an auditor in undertaking these audits. They include:

  • Verifying calculations carried out by an ACP in the course of creating (or proposing to create) ESCs
  • Verifying an ACP’s ongoing eligibility, including record keeping arrangements, under the Energy Savings Scheme.

Before conducting any audit services for ACPs for audits of ESC creation, or proposed ESC creation, auditors must submit a DSW Submission Form, List of Sites and a Deed Poll to IPART. These documents must be approved by IPART before an audit can commence and must be submitted to IPART via the ESS Portal.

DSW Submission Form

The DSW Submission Form is a template which sets out standard scope items over which the lead auditor is asked to provide an opinion and method specific procedures necessary to form an opinion for each of the scope items included in the audit. 

The DSW Submission Form is completed by the ACP (Part A) and by the auditor (Part B).   

Audit procedures to test compliance with ESS requirements are provided for the following methods (please also refer to section Relevant Documents below):

  • Clause 7 - Project Impact Assessment Method (PIAM)
  • Clause 7A - Project Impact Assessment Measurement & Verification (PIAM&V)
  • Clause 8.5/8.6/8.7 - Metered Baseline Method (MBM)
  • Clause 9.3 - Sale of New Appliances
  • Clause 9.4 - Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Formula (Commercial Lighting)
  • Clause 9.4A - Public Lighting Energy Savings Formula (Public Lighting)
  • Clause 9.8 – Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits (HEER)

If you are submitting a DSW for any other method, you need to append your own method specific scope items, and submit a single pdf document through the ESS Portal. A template is provided below. 

Previous versions of the Audit Scope are available in the document search

List of Sites

The List of Sites is a template which lists the implementations included in the DSW. The List of Sites also includes sampling guidelines on how to determine sample sizes.

The List of Sites is completed by the ACP and by the auditor.   

Deed Poll

The Deed Poll clarifies IPART's rights and responsibilities in the agreement to engage the auditor. Where IPART has not directly engaged the auditor (generally for AESS audits and audits of certificate creation), the Deed Poll must be signed by the Scheme Participants or the ACP).

Previous versions of the Audit Scope and Deed Poll are available on the Document search page.

Relevant Documentation

DSW Submission Form   

Method specific scope items

Audit scope - PIAM 

Audit scope - PIAM&V

Audit Scope - MBM - Clause 8.5/8.6/8.7

Audit scope - Sale of New Appliances

Audit scope - Commercial Lighting

Audit scope - Public Lighting

Audit scope - HEER

Audit scope - Template for other methods

List of Sites  
Deed Poll