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Audit Services Panel

Audits under the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) must be performed by a member of the Audit Services Panel. The Panel is established by IPART. If you wish to join the Audit Services Panel, please apply to IPART by submitting completed application forms A and B below. Incomplete applications will be returned. Required evidence to support information in the application must also be submitted. Please ensure you have read and understood the Audit Panel Guide and Audit Guideline prior to application submission.

Applications are accepted at any time.

Applications to join the Audit Services Panel will be assessed on:

  • Your capacity to resource and undertake reasonable assurance audits
  • Quality assurance, record keeping, training and peer review processes
  • The experience of the nominated lead auditors, particularly in regulatory compliance audits of relevant energy programs and record keeping systems
  • Knowledge and experience with the Australian Auditing Standards, ISAE 3000 or ISO 14064-3:2006.

Audit Services Panel agreement

If your application is recommended for approval, you will be asked to sign the Audit Services Panel Agreement. Under the agreement, the Panel Member must agree to a number of conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Using competent, suitably qualified personnel and devoting sufficient resources to ensure services are completed as required
  • Holding public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and workers compensation insurance with a reputable insurer.

PIAM&V Auditor Criteria and Requirements

An additional condition has been applied to some accreditations with respect to the Project Impact Assessment with Measurement and Verification (PIAM&V) method requiring the Auditor to be suitably qualified in the PIAM&V method and approved by the Scheme Administrator to conduct those audits.

Members of the ESS Audit Services Panel interested in conducting PIAM&V audits should arrange for relevant auditors in their firms to apply to be approved by the Scheme Administrator for this purpose by using the attached Application Form.

Relevant Documentation

 Application Form - Part A - for organisations
 Application Form - Part B - for lead auditors
 Audit Services Panel Guide
 Audit Services Panel Agreement
 Application form for approved PIAM&V Auditors