ESS Portal

A new web-based application to make participating in the scheme even easier

ESS Portal for ACPs and Auditors

ESS Portal for ACPS and Auditors

The ESS Portal is used by Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) and Auditors to manage RESA specific communication with the ESS. 

A user guide and registration details are provided below.

ELT Portal for lighting technologies

ELT Portal for lighting technologies

The Emerging Lighting Technology (ELT) Portal is used for the acceptance or registration to use emerging lighting technologies.

A searchable list of accepted lighting technologies is also available.

Detailed lighting requirements are available to support use of the ELT Portal and the list of accepted technologies.


ESS Portal Details

ACP User Guide

ESS Portal - ACP User Guide828.46KB PDF FileStep by Step guidance is provided for the following functions: login, change contact details, add users, upload submissions to meet clause 6.8 of the ESS Rule.

Auditor User Guide

ESS Portal - Auditor User Guide914.68KB PDF FileThis document provides auditors with guidance on how to use the ESS portal to conduct audits, manage user accounts and update the contact details for their organisation.

Register (ESS Portal ONLY - not for use with lighting technologies)

If you have not been contacted in regard to the new system and wish to register, you will need to contact the ESS and provide your company’s primary point of contact.  This person’s position in the organisation will need to be confirmed as a Company Director/Secretary (or similar).  This is done through you providing an ASIC Company Extract, dated less than one month old.  If you are delegated to be the Primary Contact, you must also provide a letter signed by a legally authorised person (evidenced through an ASIC Company Extract) authorising you to be the Primary Contact for the organisation.  Once confirmed, your primary contact will then receive the single system administration login for your company with credentials.

If you wish to register please contact us at

If you experience any technical difficulties, please e-mail us at with the subject ‘Support’.  Please include a brief description of the problem you are experiencing, and attach a screenshot of the issue if possible.  Support will be available Mon – Fri within business hours and we will contact you within 24 hrs of receiving your request.