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We hold various events throughout the year, including:

  • Online workshops targeted towards Accredited Certificate Providers, applicants and potential applicants.
    Topics include: calculation of certificates, eligibility, audit regimes, reporting and record keeping procedures.
  • Stakeholder Forums designed to open a dialogue between IPART its stakeholders.
    They focus on improving the ESS administration and key topics as requested by stakeholders.

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8 Mar 18


Module 3: Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Formula Method

Register to attend online – 8 March 18

19 Apr 18


Module 4: The Project Impact Assessment with Measurement & Verification (PIAM&V) Method

Register to attend online – 19 April 18



Stakeholder Forum

Register to attend in-person

17 May 18


Module 5: The Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits and Power Factor Correction Methods

Register to attend online – 17 May 2018

31 May18


Module 6: The Emerging Lighting Technology Process

Register to attend online – 31 May 18

28 Jun 18


Module 7: The ESS Portal

Register to attend online – 28 June 18

19 Jul 18


Module 8: Accredited Certificate Providers

Register to attend online – 19 July 18

16 Aug 18


Annual Auditor Workshop

Register to attend online – 16 August 18

Register to attend in-person

30 Aug 18


Module 9: The Audit Process

Register to attend online – 30 Aug 18

20 Sep 18


Module 10: The PIAM&V Audit Process

Register to attend online – 20 Sep 18

11 Oct 18


Module 1: Introduction to the Energy Savings Scheme

Register to attend online – 11 Oct 18

15 Nov 18


Module 2: The Application Process

Register to attend online – 15 Nov 18

13 Dec 18


Module 3: Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Formula Method

Register to attend online – 13 Dec 18


As needed

Module 11: The Metered Baseline Methods

Register for Module 11 (on-demand)

On-demand As needed Module 12: The Appliance Methods  Register for Module 12 (on-demand)


Varies based on session

All modules available, wait lists are maintained

Register for the wait list - sessions outside scheduled times

*Please note these dates are subject to change. If sessions do not receive a minimum of 10 attendees, they may be rescheduled to a later date. Notification of reschedules will be provided to all registrants within one week of the scheduled workshop date.

Registration for Stakeholder Forums

The Stakeholder Forums are typically held as in-person events in the Sydney CBD, with the actual location to be advised upon approval of your registration. Please register if you wish to attend in person by following the links above.

Registration for Online Workshops

To register for the online workshop modules use the links above and fill out the GoToTraining registration form.

There is currently a maximum capacity of 50 online participants for each session.

Online participation in Workshop Modules and Stakeholder Forums

To participate, you need a computer with a strong internet connection (preferably high speed) or a smart device. You can listen to the sessions directly through your computer's audio or dial in with a phone line.

Wait Lists

For fully booked online sessions, additional attendees can be placed on a wait list, please email your interest to ess_compliance@ipart.nsw.gov.au. You will be notified if there are any vacancies (or no-shows) five minutes after each session starts.