ESS Registry and ESS Portal

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The ESS Registry 

The Registry is an online database which records the registration, transfer and ultimate surrender of energy savings certificates.  It can be accessed by all participants in the Energy Savings Scheme and members of the public.

The functions of the Registry include:

  • Listing details of Accredited Certificate Providers and their accreditations
  • Facilitating the registration and transfer of energy savings certificates
  • Listing details and tracking ownership of energy savings certificates
  • Allowing Scheme Participants to surrender energy savings certificates to meet mandatory obligations or company-specific offset schemes.

Access the Registry at

Contact the Registry Helpdesk on 1800 006 797 (8.30am–5.30pm Mon-Fri, excluding NSW public holidays) or

When a certificate is created by an Accredited Certificate Provider, the Registry records information about that certificate including the entity, activity and activity type associated with it, and the vintage and creation date.  The Registry also tracks the certificate status (live, surrendered, or forfeited) and ownership history.  One certificate represents one notional megawatt hour attributable to energy savings arising from a recognised energy savings activity. 

The Registry is not a trading platform.  Its primary function is to record information about certificates and their ownership. Certificate trading occurs outside of the Registry by direct negotiation between the parties or through brokers or other trading platforms.

The ESS Portal

The ESS Portal is a web-based application used by Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) and Auditors to manage accreditation amendments, implementation data uploads and audits. ACPs and Auditors should refer to the ESS Portal user guides provided below.

If you experience any technical difficulties with the ESS Portal please e-mail us at with the subject ‘Support’.  Please include a brief description of the problem you are experiencing, and attach a screenshot of the issue if possible.  Support will be available Mon – Fri within business hours and we will endeavor to contact you within 1 business day of receiving your request.

Relevant Documentation

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