Surrendering ESCs

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Scheme Participants are required to meet obligations they have under the scheme to meet energy savings targets. They do this by obtaining and surrendering Energy Savings Certiļ¬cates, or paying a penalty.

Scheme Participants have until 30 April to submit their Annual Energy Savings Statement and elect to meet their obligations by offering certificates for surrender in the ESS Registry or by paying a penalty.

Certificates do not have an expiry date for surrender. However, only certificates with a vintage equivalent to the current compliance year or earlier can be surrendered. For example, to meet an obligation for the 2018 compliance year, certificates of 2009 to 2018 vintage can be surrendered, but not 2019 vintage.

The Scheme Administrator makes a decision whether to accept the surrender of certificates.

On 30 June each year, certificates that have been accepted for surrender are formally cancelled by the Registry and can no longer be transferred or re-surrendered.

Surrender Window

There are certain times of the year when the surrender 'window' is closed and ESCs cannot be surrendered. 

  • For Scheme Participants, the surrender window is closed from 30 April to the end of the calendar year. 
  • For voluntary participants, the surrender window is closed from 20 June through to 1 July each year.

Voluntary Surrenders

Non Scheme Participants may surrender certificates for reasons such as voluntary offset purposes. For voluntary participants, a fact sheet is available which details the process and timing.

Relevant Documentation

Fact Sheet - Voluntary Surrender in the Registry
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