Current consultations

ESS uses consultation processes to obtain stakeholder input.
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SP Audit Documentation Consultation

We are proposing to introduce a standard DSW for audits of a scheme participant’s Annual Energy Savings Statements (AESS).  All auditors will be required to use the proposed DSW submission form – AESS when submitting a Detailed Scope of Works for these audits. 

This proposal is explained in the SP audit documentation - Consultation Paper We are seeking feedback on the Draft DSW submission form - AESS and Draft Audit Guide - Scheme Participants. We will consider all feedback before releasing final versions of these documents. 

Responses due: 5pm, Wednesday 9 December 2020

Method: Please submit your feedback along with the coversheet to the ESS Mailbox.


Engagement Charter Consultation

Consultation on the Engagement Charter has now ended.  Thank you for providing feedback and comments. We are reviewing your feedback and will provide an update soon.