Events, forums and consultations

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We hold various events throughout the year, including:

  • Online workshops for Accredited Certificate Providers, applicants and potential applicants.
    Topics include: calculation of certificates, eligibility, audit regimes, reporting and record keeping requirements.
  • Stakeholder Forums designed for an open dialogue between IPART and its stakeholders.
    They focus on improving the ESS administration and on key topics as requested by stakeholders.

To register for our events, or find out more about each session, click through the links in the upcoming events and forums table.

Please note these dates are subject to change. If sessions do not receive a minimum of 10 attendees, they may be rescheduled to a later date. Notification of reschedules will be provided to all registrants within one week of the scheduled workshop date.

Online Workshops 

We host online workshops to help potential applicants and other stakeholders to participate effectively in the Energy Savings Scheme.  The sessions provide practical information on the requirements and the obligations to apply and operate as an Accredited Certificate Provider. 

Because the workshops are hosted online, we can offer more sessions during the year. The digitised format is easy to follow and assists potential and current accredited participants to understand some of the more complex requirements of the Energy Savings Scheme.  We recommend participation to assist the success of your application.

The online workshops are presented as individual modules based on our guidance documents and legislation.  To participate, you need a computer with a strong internet connection (preferably high speed) or a smart phone.  You can listen to the modules directly through your computer’s audio or dial in with a phone line.

If you use a smart device you can also download the dedicated GoToTraining App and join one of our sessions directly from your mobile device. The App is very user-friendly. To join one of our workshops with it, you register normally and simply enter the Session ID emailed to you after registration.

Registration for Online Workshops

To register for the online workshop modules use the links in the upcoming events table to fill out the GoToTraining registration form.

There is currently a maximum capacity of 50 online participants for each session.

Waiting Lists

For fully booked online sessions, additional attendees can be placed on a wait list, please email your interest to You will be notified if there are any vacancies (or no-shows) when the session starts. 

On Demand

We also hold some of our modules on demand. Please contact for the following online training modules:

Module 11: The Metered Baseline Methods

This module covers the Metered Baseline Method (MBM) and its associated sub-methods. It summarises eligible activities and products, application and record keeping requirements, and certificate calculation and creation processes for each method. Time for completion is approximately 30 minutes.

Module 12:Scheme Participant Compliance

This module assists Scheme Participants to complete the Annual Energy Savings Statement (AESS) to assess their individual energy savings target for a compliance year. It reviews the process and steps to submit an AESS and comply with legislative requirements.

On demand modules

All of our live online workshops could be held upon request, if there is enough demand. A minimum of five participants is needed to hold any module. A wait list is maintained, and when scheduled, we will contact all registrants with a time and date. The time for completion depends on the module requested, but generally sessions range from 30 minutes to one hour.


Stakeholder Updates 

These Updates are in-person sessions typically held over a half-day in the Sydney CBD. They are intended to:

  • Mantain a dialogue between IPART, accredited certificate providers and auditors
  • Improve administration of the ESS
  • Focus on key topics as requested by stakeholders.

A number of useful suggestions for improvements have been made at the Updates, some of which are currently being implemented. Thank you to all IPART staff, policy makers, accredited certificate providers and auditors who contribute to the events. 

See here for presentation slides of the Stakeholder Update, 11 November 2019.

Registration for Stakeholder Updates

The Stakeholder Updates are typically held as in-person events in the Sydney CBD, with the actual location to be advised upon approval of your registration. Please register if you wish to attend in person by following the registration links in the upcoming events table. 


Consultation documents and responses to these consultations will be published in this section.

Documentation related to previous consultations is available here.