Emerging Lighting Technologies acceptance

Under the Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Formula, Emerging Lighting Technologies (ELTs), such as LEDs and induction luminaires, must meet certain safety and performance requirements. ELTs must be accepted by us before energy savings certificates (ESCs) can be created from the use of the ELT in a lighting upgrade. This page outlines the process to apply for acceptance of an ELT.

Conventional lighting technologies such as fluorescent, incandescent and halogen luminaires, must meet national Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and electrical safety standards and do not require acceptance through the ELT Portal.

Public List of Accepted ELTs

We maintain a list of ELTs that have already been accepted as meeting the ESS equipment requirements.

Withdrawn or amended ELTs

In some cases, after accepting that an ELT meets the ESS equipment requirements, we may decide to withdraw or amend the acceptance. This can occur for a number of reasons, eg where we receive a request for withdrawal or amendment from the organisation that originally had the ELT accepted, or where we identify issues with the documentation supporting the original acceptance. See the ELTs acceptance withdrawn list.

ELT Portal

If the ELT is not on the list, you will need to apply to have it accepted as meeting the equipment requirements through the ELT Portal. Detailed lighting requirements are outlined in the documents below to support your use of the ELT Portal.

Applications may be lodged by ACPs and other organisations eg, lighting suppliers, provided they have login access to the tool. ACPs are provided with a login when they are accredited. Non-ACPs can also create an ELT Portal account. Applicants should read the Lighting Requirements Guide for further guidance on the application process.

Creating ESCs from the implementation of accepted ELTs

Only ACPs accredited under the Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Formula method are able to create ESCs from the implementation of accepted ELTs. For more information, see Becoming an ACP.  Alternatively, view the current List of ACPs.

Relevant Documentation

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