Acceptance process

Under the Project Impact Assessment with M&V (PIAM&V) Method and Metered Baseline Method (MBM), certain lighting products (such as LEDs and induction luminaires) must be accepted by the Scheme Administrator. This page outlines the process to apply for acceptance of these products and the list of products that have already been accepted for use under these methods.

ACPs accredited to use the PIAM&V Method or MBM must apply to have any relevant lighting products accepted by the Scheme Administrator, as outlined below, before they can create ESCs for the use of that equipment in an ESS upgrade.

Conventional lighting technologies such as fluorescent, incandescent and halogen luminaires, must meet national Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and electrical safety standards and do not require acceptance through this process.

Lighting Equipment Requirements

The document below specifies:

  • The lighting equipment requirements that must be met when installing lighting equipment under the PIAM&V Method and MBM
  • How to apply to have lighting products accepted as meeting those requirements.

Lighting product acceptances

A list of the products accepted for use under the PIAM&V and MBM methods is available below.

There are separate lists of products that have been accepted for use under the Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Formula and the Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit methods. Products on either of these lists are also accepted for use under the PIAM&V Method and MBM.

Relevant Documentation

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