Our Commitments

We have developed an Engagement Charter. The Charter sets out our commitments to you.

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What we are doing to make it easier for you to engage with us

We want to work out ways to better engage with you and will be developing our Stakeholder Engagement Plan throughout 2021. We will consult further on this so we can understand what you want and how you want it delivered.


How We Engage

Throughout the year we hold various events, including: Information Sessions, Stakeholder Forums, Auditor Workshops and Consultations. We hold these events as needed and based on demand.


Information Sessions

We host Information Sessions online to help stakeholders better understand the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS).

The sessions provide information on how the ESS operates and its legislative framework, how to participate, ESS requirements, the different calculation methods, eligibility criteria, and compliance and audit procedures.


Stakeholder Forums

Stakeholder Forums are held on an as-needed basis, but typically occur annually and towards the end of the year. They are intended to:

  • Maintain a dialogue between IPART, accredited certificate providers and auditors
  • Improve administration of the ESS
  • Focus on key topics as requested by stakeholders.

A number of useful suggestions for improvements have been made at the Stakeholder Forums, some of which are currently being implemented. Thank you to all IPART staff, policy makers, accredited certificate providers and auditors who contribute to the events.

Our annual Stakeholder Forum was held on 28 October 2021. For more information, visit the Stakeholder Forum page.


Auditor Workshops

These sessions are intended for applicants and members of ESS Audit Services Panel. Sessions typically focus on encouraging consistent outcomes when conducting audits. The workshops also focus on getting feedback from our auditors to enhance and streamline ESS administration. The Auditor Workshops are typically held annually, but the frequency varies depending on need.



Consultation documents and responses to these consultations will be published in this section.

Documentation related to previous consultations is available here.