Notice 01/2013 - Requirements for all methods - Minimum requirements of conduct - V3.0

Mar 2019

This Notice supersedes the previous ESS Notice 01/2013 (V2.0) amended July 2014: Minimum Requirements for persons acting on behalf of Accredited Certificate Providers (Minimum Requirements).  

The ESS Notice 01/2013 (V3.0) Minimum requirements of conduct (Minimum Requirements) outlines the requirements that all Accredited Certificate Providers and their representatives must meet. The Minimum Requirements are a standard accreditation condition for all ACPs. 

 This Notice was amended by the Scheme Administrator on 14 February 2019 and is effective from 15 March 2019.  Any implementations performed on or after 15 March 2019 must meet the ESS Notice 01/2013 (V3.0).