How the scheme works for businesses

The Energy Savings Scheme provides financial incentives to implement energy savings projects.

Businesses are assisted to implement projects by voluntary participants, known as Accredited Certificate Providers, who can create Energy Savings Certificates for each notional MWh of energy that the project saves. Energy Savings Certificates can then be sold to mandatory participants, known as Scheme Participants, with prices set in a free market.

As a business, there are two ways to get involved:

  • Bring your own energy savings projects into the scheme
  • Work with an ACP who may be able to create energy savings certificates on your behalf.

Download the Energy Saver Information Sheet below for information about how you can get involved through an existing Accredited Certificate Provider and some common questions.

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment also provides more information on how you can save energy in your business at

The benefits of participation in the scheme

Energy efficiency projects that may be marginal on a cost/benefit basis from energy savings alone may be feasible with the additional income from creating energy savings certificates.

Apply directly or use an existing provider

To be involved in the Energy Savings Scheme, you can apply to become an Accredited Certificate Provider, or work with an existing Accredited Certificate Provider.

Apply Directly

If you wish to become an Accredited Certificate Provider you must apply to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART). More information is provided on the Becoming an ACP page.

Work with an existing provider

Becoming an Accredited Certificate Provider may not benefit smaller projects with modest energy savings. Accreditation comes with obligations such as record keeping requirements that can make direct participation difficult for smaller energy savings projects. Businesses with smaller projects can be involved in the Energy Savings Scheme by working with an established Accredited Certificate Provider.

An established Accredited Certificate Provider may be able to create energy savings certificates from your project on your behalf. You will be asked to sign a nomination form to transfer your project’s energy savings to them so that they can create the energy savings certificates.

We call this type of Accredited Certificate Provider an 'aggregator' because they combine energy savings projects.

More information is available in the List of ACPs.

Relevant Documentation

Fact Sheet - Energy Saver Information Sheet