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This page describes how the Energy Savings Scheme offers businesses financial incentives to reduce energy bills and help the environment

How the scheme works for businesses

The Energy Savings Scheme provides financial incentives to implement energy savings projects.

Businesses work to implement projects with voluntary participants, known as Accredited Certificate Providers, who can create energy savings certificates for each notional MWh of energy that the project saves. Energy savings certificates can then be sold to mandatory participants, known as Scheme Participants, with prices changing in response to the market supply and demand.

As a business, there are two ways to get involved:

  1. bring your own energy savings projects into the scheme, or
  2. develop your business in a way that lets you bring other people's energy savings into the scheme.

Download the Energy Saver Information Sheet below for information about how you can get involved through an existing Accredited Certificate Provider and some common questions.

Energy Saver Information Sheet57.09KB PDF FileOctober 2018
This document provides information for businesses that are considering energy saving activities through an existing Accredited Certificate Provider.

The benefits of participation in the scheme

Energy efficiency projects that may be marginal on a cost/benefit basis from energy savings alone may be feasible with the additional income from selling energy savings certificates.

Participating as an Accredited Certificate Provider may allow you to offer your products and services at lower prices and provide an additional service to your customers.