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Find out about becoming an Accredited Certificate Provider to create and sell energy savings certificates and help businesses reach their energy efficiency goals

Accredited Certificate Providers are voluntary participants in the Energy Savings Scheme and are eligible to create and sell energy savings certificates created from energy savings projects. The number of energy savings certificates that can be created depends on the amount of energy savings from the project.

Aggregating savings from a number of energy savings projects may provide a scale of operation that justifies the time and expense of becoming an Accredited Certificate Provider.

The responsibilities of an Accredited Certificate Provider

If you become an Accredited Certificate Provider to help others implement energy savings activities, you will take on the responsibility of complying with the requirements of the ESS. 

This will include:

  • maintaining and storing records of the energy savings project,
  • reporting to the Energy Savings Scheme administrator on a regular basis, and
  • having the energy savings project audited by an independent auditor.