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This page describes how the Energy Savings Scheme can help to reduce energy bills by installing energy efficient equipment in your home

Energy efficiency upgrades for residential householders

Residential householders may be able to benefit from a range of energy efficiency upgrades in their homes, such as replacing downlights with LEDs. This is called the Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits method (or HEER method). Residential upgrades are performed by businesses that are accredited under the HEER method and they may be able to provide discounted energy savings services or products to residential customers.

Download the HEER Fact Sheet below for information about how you can get involved as a householder, how much residential energy efficiency upgrades cost and some common questions.

HEER Fact Sheet69.13KB PDF FileV1.2 April 2018
This fact sheet provides information for householders and small businesses about the Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits method.

Energy efficient lighting upgrades are also part of the NSW Government energy affordability package.  The purpose of the package is to help households and small businesses save energy and money.  For more information visit

Purchase of energy efficient appliances

Residential householders may also achieve energy savings by purchasing energy efficient appliances that consume less electricity than the average appliance of the same type. This is called the Sale of New Appliances method which provides appliance retailers an incentive to sell higher efficiency appliances to consumers who benefit from the ongoing electricity savings. The types of appliances include:

  • clothes washing machines
  • clothes dryers
  • dishwashers
  • 1-door refrigerators
  • 2-door refrigerators
  • chest freezer or upright freezers, and
  • televisions.

How you can participate

If you are interested in an energy efficiency upgrade for your home or purchasing an energy efficient appliance, you should contact the businesses that provide these services. Businesses accredited under the ESS are referred to as Accredited Certificate Providers, or ACPs. A list of all ACPs under the ESS is available on the List of ACPs page – businesses that are accredited for “Residential” activities may be able to assist you with an energy efficiency upgrade of your home or offer energy efficient appliances.

If you have any concerns about people offering you services, or believe they have not acted fairly, you may wish to contact NSW Fair Trading.

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage also provides more information on how you can save energy in your home.

Common questions

Common questions about residential activities are available here.