Scheme changes

The Energy Savings Scheme is continually evolving to meet the needs of energy consumers in NSW.

Amendments to the ESS Rule - April 2018

Amendments to the ESS Rule were gazetted on 20 April 2018 and some amendments commenced on 20 April 2018. A fact sheet providing an overview of the amendments and their commencement dates is provided below.  The amended version the ESS Rule can be found here.

ESS Rule Amendments Fact Sheet116.18KB PDF FileApril 2018
This fact sheet provides information to ACPs, Auditors and other interested stakeholders about amendments to the ESS Rule.

The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and the NSW Department of Industry are responsible for developing the policy behind the ESS. More information on the rule change process, a track change (non-official) version of the ESS Rule and contact details are available on the Energy Savings Scheme Rule Change 2017-18 website.