Public Lighting Method

This page provides information about the Public Lighting Energy Savings Formula (Public Lighting) method

About this method

The Public Lighting Energy Savings Formula (Public Lighting) method may be used to calculate electricity savings from upgrades of lighting for roads and public spaces or traffic signals where a Distributor or RMS owns and/or maintains the lighting equipment.

Using the Public Lighting method

Method Guide

Requirements for using this method are presented in the Method Guide below.

Method Guide: Public Lighting279.58KB PDF FileV1.5 July 2018
The Method Guide provides information required to conduct activities using this method of the ESS Rule. This version was published following amendments to the ESS Rule in April 2018.

Template Nomination Form

The Energy Savings Scheme Rule of 2009 allows an original energy saver to nominate an Accredited Certificate Provider as the energy saver in relation to the implementation of a recognised energy saving activity at a particular site. Such a nomination must be in the form and manner approved by the Scheme Administrator. Templates for nomination forms can be found on the Templates page.