Registry FAQ

This page answers questions that are often asked about the Registry

Can I use the Registry to trade energy savings certificates?

No. The Registry is not a trading platform, as trading of certificates occurs outside of the Registry. When such a trade occurs, whether bilaterally, through brokers or through other trading platforms, the change in ownership of those certificates is recorded on the Registry.

Is there a limit on the number of energy savings certificates I can hold?

There is no limit on the number of certificates that can be held in an account, however self registered accounts are initially limited to 1,000 certificates. This limit can be removed at the request of the account owner. To request the limit to be removed, download and complete the form below.

Certificate Limit Removal240KB Word DocumentThis form is for people who have created a self registered account in the Registry and require the certificate holding limit to be removed.

Who is eligible to create a Registry account?

Any member of the public can create their own Registry account. To create your own Registry account, log on via the ‘Guest’ login and select ‘Become Registered’.

Who can create energy savings certificates?

All Accredited Certificate Providers may create certificates from the energy savings activities within the limits of their conditions of accreditation. To apply to register certificates select ‘Register Certificates’ from the home page and follow the prompts. Data regarding the energy savings activity must be submitted to IPART prior to applying for registration of certificates. There are charges for the registration of certificates.  For more information see registering certificates.

How do I record the change of ownership of energy savings certificates?

The Registry tracks and records the ownership history of all certificates. To transfer certificates select ‘Transfer Certificates’ from the home page and follow the prompts. The transfer process for certificates must be completed within 60 days of initiating the transfer of certificates.  For more information see transferring certificates.

How do I surrender my energy savings certificates?

All owners of certificates may surrender certificates to meet targets or voluntary programs. To surrender certificates select ‘Surrender Certificates’ from the home page. Note that there are certain times of the year when the surrender window is closed.  For more information see surrendering certificates.

Registry Fact Sheet - Voluntary Surrender215.56KB PDF FileThis fact sheet describes the process of voluntary surrender of energy savings certificates.

Can I have more than one user account?

Each Registry account can have multiple user accounts and at least one of these user accounts should be a Key User. The Key User is able to add, disable and manage levels of access for all user accounts within their organisation for other staff. To manage user accounts select ‘User Maintenance’ from the bottom right of the home page.